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A Miracle of Nature, A Miracle of Love is the fifth publication in our Community Project Collection. It includes poems written in Open Book Groups across Scotland between October 2022 and September 2023. Each poem in the collection was written as a collaborative effort, crafted by the group’s Lead Reader and captures the thoughts, ideas and responses of group members to stories and poems they read together.

The second collection of writing from our Open Book newsletter, Unbound II features the work of two of our writers-in-residence. Alice Ash and Heather Parry. It also contains work from over a dozen other writers, each with a matched poem. This volume is ideal for reading from cover to cover, or for dipping in and out.

I Give My Word is the fourth publication in our Community Project Collection, including work written by our community groups across Scotland between October 2021 and September 2022.

If You Were Me is the third Community Project collection. Showcasing the work of over twenty Open Book groups written between October 2020 and September 2021.

This Gift of Time is the second of our Community Project pamphlets, featuring work written by many of our creative writing groups between September 2019 and August 2020.

Unbound contains the first series of Unbound new writing: eleven stories that featured in our newsletter during summer 2020, now collected together into one book.

We also have some limited copies of our first Open Book pamphlet, I See My Voice.

These seven publications for sale as a fundraiser for Open Book. Copies are priced at £7 for A Miracle of Nature, A Miracle of Love, £8 for I Give my Word and Unbound II, £7 for If You Were Me, £5 for This Gift of Time, £6 for Unbound or £10 for both This Gift of Time and Unbound together (all plus postage). Limited copies of I See My Voice are also available for sale at £3 each plus postage.

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A Miracle of Nature, A Miracle of Love

All the poems in this collection were written as collaborations by Open Book groups meeting across Scotland, some in person, others on-line. The groups read prose and poetry together and the poems represent the responses of participants, captured by the Lead Reader facilitator and crafted into the pieces you’ll find in this book. 

Though not always the case, some groups wrote together in response to the same poems. The diversity of the thoughts, ideas and experiences of the Open Book members is reflected in the poetry created. We’re grateful to our readers and writers for sharing their words in this latest collection.


A Miracle of Nature, A Miracle of Love

Unbound II

This collection of short stories and matched poems includes the work of Open Book writers-in-residence Alice Ash and Heather Parry, as well as new work by over a dozen other writers paired with matched poems. Organised to follow Open Book’s monthly themes, you’ll find a writer-in-residence story, a piece of new writing and a poem that fit together. Ideal for reading from cover to cover or dipping in and out of, this new collection gives a flavour of what our groups have been reading and thinking about over an 18 month period. 


Unbound II

I Give My Word

The words in this book come from across Scotland: from Shetland and Orkney to Aberdeen, from Ullapool to Brora, from Stranraer to Eyemouth and lots of the places in between.

All of the poems and stories were written as part of the Open Book 2021/2022 Community Project, where groups read texts aloud and used them as a springboard for their own writing, sometimes even writing collectively.

Thanks to the support of Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund, Open Book groups were able to create new works inspired by Hannah Lavery’s poem ‘Scotland, You’re No Mine.’ The Stories Across Scotland project explored our relationship to where we live, with creative responses celebrating the experiences of the people who live here – from those born and bred on Scottish islands, to recent refugees settling into the Central Belt.

Together, this collection of poems and stories from our groups represents another year of exploration, connection, and discovery of new worlds and how our lives connect to them.


I Give My Word


If You Were Me is a double pamphlet of writing from Open Book groups (and individual participants) during the 2020/2021 Community Project. It captures a year of reading and writing together across Scotland, from Orkney and Shetland in the north to Stranraer in the south, as well as the words of many of our groups in between.

Like previous pamphlets it reflects the diversity of voices in our groups, from participants in community projects, ESOL learners, those experiencing homelessness or domestic violence and the public. In a year where travel was restricted, many of the poems consider the acts of leaving, journeying and arriving and ask, reflecting Edwin Morgan’s exhortation in his poem At Eighty, whether “unknown is best!”

Buy If You Were Me for £7 plus postage


The Gift of Time

This Gift of Time is a remarkable collection of creative writing produced during our 2019/2020 Community Project, including work by individual participants and pieces by a whole group writing together.

Here, you’ll find poems about the sea and birdsong, second chances and dreams, opening doors and looking to the future, all written by our participants – those meeting in community projects, refugees and migrants, women living with domestic violence and those coming together in public spaces like libraries and galleries.

The poems hail from all corners of Scotland, from Orkney to Stranraer, Eyemouth to Aberdeen, Inverness to Ullapool, as well as Glasgow, Dundee, Paisley and Edinburgh, representing the diversity of voices in our country.

Buy This Gift of Time for £5 plus postage



Unbound contains short fiction commissioned by Open Book during the 2020 Covid 19 lockdown. Written by well known and emerging writers, we asked for pieces that would take our readers out of themselves and allow them to experience the world anew at a
time when going beyond the front gate wasn’t always possible.

Each of these uplifting stories takes you on a journey – into the outdoors, into the past or future or into the inner life of another person – in a way that is surprising and thoughtprovoking.

Buy Unbound for £6 plus postage


I See My Voice

I See My Voice is our first Open Book publication and brings together some of the stunning new writing created by Open Book participants between September of 2018 and August 2019.

Composed by both groups of writers and individuals, the work included in this pamphlet reflects the rich diversity of modern Scotland, with pieces from new Scots, those involved in community projects and local libraries, and others living with homelessness and domestic violence. Contributions come from groups as far afield as Orkney, Ullapool, Glasgow, Perth, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Buy I See My Voice for £3 plus postage

I See My Voice (Multiple copies)

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