Wigtown Book Festival 2017

In partnership with the Wigtown Book Festival, Open Book has started new groups in Dumfries and Galloway, at The Stove Dumfries and at the youth Kaos Café in Wigtown.

On the first weekend of the 2017 Wigtown Book Festival, we took a group of teenagers to see Brian Conaghan read from his The Bombs That Brought Us Together, followed by pizza and the Commoner’s Choir.


The following Monday, we held an adult Open Book day out at Wigtown Book Festival, where Tom Pow came along to give a reading of his poetry before the group was given afternoon tea and whisked off to hear Marian Veevers discuss Jane Austen and Dorothy Wordsworth.


Feedback from both sessions was excellent, with attendees saying

“I think this was a great opportunity for me”

“I fully enjoyed the day. Hospitality, catering, programmes, everything was amazing. Thank you for it.”

“I enjoyed the day. It was so interesting and I gained some valuable information. It was beyond my expectations. Thank you”